Alanderia Whitlock


I am a journalist, dreamer, ally of the Underdogs, lover of story-telling, music, poetry, good reads, the arts. Lover of people yet a full-time hermit. True Cancer. Welcome to the site. I am a Mississippi native. A drifter and evolving soul, I, did not arrive in Journalism by design.

After changing career study paths in college, I wanted to be more involved with every-day people to help them. I began paying more attention to the world and its problem, the people. I also became a lover of literature. Never been a fan of news because I felt stories were told, but not being told by the people.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Southern Mississippi and landed my first job at the local newspaper, the Sun Herald.

After three years as a new assistant, I chose to jump into radio at WJZD FM Radio Station in Gulfport. Since March, I’ve worked as producer/host for the “It’s a New Day” morning show. Radio has many similarities to a newspaper but it also very different. I am enjoying the ride.

I look to forward to continuing sharing news and stories that hopefully will inspire, inform, enlighten and explore different perspectives and voices.Thanks for listening and join me in changing the world.